Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops configuration

When delivering applications with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or Citrix Desktops as a Service, consider the following options to enhance the experience for users when they access their applications through your stores. For more information about delivering applications, see Applications.

  • In the Application name (for user) field enter the application name as you wish it to appear within your store website.
  • In the Description and keywords field enter the description that is displayed on the store website when you expand the app details, alongside any keywords.
  • Choose the Application icon to help users visually identify an application on the StoreFront website.
  • In the Application category field, optionally enter a category. Include \ in the category name to create a folder hierarchy. You could, for example, group applications according to type or, alternatively, create folders for different user roles in your organization. In the store website Apps tab, Category view displays a list of categories and the apps in each category.


You can add keywords to an app or desktop by appending the string KEYWORDS:[keywordname] to the application description. Multiple keywords must be separated by spaces only; for example, KEYWORDS:Accounts Featured. Keywords can used in a number of ways:

Keyword name Description
Mandatory Adds an application to the Home tab. Unlike favourites, users cannot remove mandatory applications from the Home tab. Has no effect if favourites are disabled for the store.
Auto When users log on to the store, the application or desktop is automatically favourited and added to their Home tab. Users can unfavourite such applications. Has no effect if favourites are disabled for the store.
TreatAsApp Apply to desktops to force StoreFront to treat it as an app. The desktop is displayed on the Apps tab rather than the Desktops tab. In addition, the desktop is not automatically started when the user logs on to the store website and is not accessed with the Desktop Viewer, even if the site is configured to do this for other desktops.
prefer=”application Where application identifies a locally installed application. Applies only on Citrix Workspace app on Windows. This indicates that the locally installed version of an application should be used in preference to the equivalent delivered instance if both are available. For more information, see Configuring Local App Access applications.
Primary and Secondary When using Multi-Site Aggregation, the one with the keyword primary specified always preferred over the one with the keyword secondary.
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops configuration