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Learn - Tech Insights

Tech Insights are short, 10-15 minutes videos explaining a technology, a feature, a function with foundational technical insights and a visual walkthrough of the technology.

Contact Center Solution - Learn how to design an environment that uses Desktop-as-a-Service and Chrome OS for Contact Centers.

Learn - PoC Guides

PoC guides provide step-by-step instructions to learn about functionality of the solution by following these guides in test environment.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Shared VPC Support with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops - Learn how to use Machine Creation Services (MCS) to provision machines in a Shared VPC on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Then, learn to manage the machines using Citrix Studio.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Windows 10 Sole Tenant with Optional Shared VPC Catalog Creation - Learn to deploy provisioned Windows 10 catalogs to GCP Sole Tenant nodes in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Zone Selection Support with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service - Learn how to configure zone selection on Google Cloud Platform to enable sole tenancy in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service.

Learn - Deployment and Configuration Guide

The deployment and configuration guide provides step-by-step instructions to deploy and manage Citrix virtualization on Google Cloud by following the guide in test environment.

Citrix virtualization on Google Cloud - Deployment and Configuration Guide - Learn how to deploy and configure Citrix virtualization on Google Cloud.

Design - Reference Architectures

Reference architectures are comprehensive guides that assist organizations in planning their Citrix implementations complete with use cases, recommendations, and more.

Citrix virtualization on Google Cloud - Learn the architecture and deployment considerations for Citrix solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

Articles: Google Cloud Platform