External Tasks

Controls the execution of external tasks such as running .vbs or .cmd scripts.


You can use dynamic tokens to extend Workspace Environment Management actions to make them more powerful.

External task list

A list of your existing external tasks. You can use Find to filter the list by name or ID against a text string.

To add an external task

  1. Use the context menu Add command.
  2. Enter details in the New External Task dialog tabs, then click OK.

Fields and controls

Name. The display name of the external task, as it appears in the external task list.

Description. This field is only shown in the edition/creation wizard and allows you to specify additional information about the resource.

Target Path. The path to the external task script as it resolves in the user’s environment.

Target Arguments. Allows you to specify any launch parameters or arguments.

External Task State. Toggles whether the external task is enabled or disabled. When disabled, it is not processed by the agent even if assigned to a user.

Run Hidden. If selected, the external task runs in the background and is not shown to the user.

Run Once. By default, Workspace Environment Management runs an external task every time the agent refreshes. Tick this box to make Workspace Environment Management only run the external task once, rather than at every refresh. This speeds up the agent refresh process, especially if you have many external tasks assigned to your users.

Wait for Task Completion. This toggles whether or not the agent waits for the external task to complete. The Timeout value controls the maximum wait time.

Execute Only at Logon. If selected, the external task will only be run at logon rather than during every single refresh.

External Task Execution Order. This allows you to specify a priority for each individual external task, in case multiple tasks are assigned to one user and some tasks rely on results from others to run successfully.

Action Type. Describes what type of action this resource is.

External Tasks

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