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Fixed issues

Mar 27, 2018

Fixed in Workspace Environment Management 4.6

The following issues have been fixed in the current release:

  • When you uninstall the Workspace Environment Management agent, the uninstall process does not delete the Windows Firewall inbound rule “Norskale agent in”. Manually delete this rule in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security dialog. [#WEM-312]
  • When the option “Launch Agent at Reconnect” is selected, the Workspace Environment Management agent executable does not run when reconnecting with published desktops on agent hosts which are running Windows desktop operating systems, via ICA. (RDP sessions are unaffected.) [#WEM-322, LC8816]
  • If you attempt to add an agent host machine to a configuration set when the agent host machine is in a different forest to the infrastructure service, it can take several minutes before the agent host is added, depending on the actual AD topology involved. During this time, the administration console displays the message "Please Wait loading…" and further activities are not possible. [#WEM-358]
  • Attempts to create or update a WEM database, on an SQL Server instance which uses case-sensitive collation, fails. Ensure that the SQL Server instance uses case-insensitive collation before attempting to create or update a WEM database. [#WEM-540]
  • The Workspace Environment Management agent randomly crashes after VDAs are upgraded to XenApp and XenDesktop 7.16. [#WEM-937, LC8926]
  • In the Workspace Environment Management administration console Citrix Profile Management Settings, the Synchronization tab option "Enable File Mirroring" does not match the Citrix Studio Profile Management policy setting it is derived from. The option should read "Enable File Synchronization" and allow files to be added. [#WEM-971, LC9090]
  • When you are adding an Application Security executable rule of type "Publisher", dragging the Publisher info slider to "File name" or above causes an exception in the Workspace Environment Management administration console. [#WEM-1199, LC9255]
  • On laptop machines in transformer mode, the Transformer battery icon does not stay synchronized with the battery percent reported by the OS. When the power cable is connected or disconnected, the transformer battery icon is refreshed with the correct percentage value, but it then continues to show the same fixed value until the next power cable change is detected. [#LC9261]


Fixed in previous releases

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