Fixed issues

Workspace Environment Management 2203 contains the following fixed issues compared with Workspace Environment Management 2112:

  • On the Administration Console > Policies and Profiles > Microsoft USV Settings > Folder Redirection tab, with both Redirect AppData (Roaming) and Delete Local Redirected Folders enabled, the agent fails to apply the following settings:

    • Redirect Contacts
    • Redirect Downloads
    • Redirect Links
    • Redirect Searches [WEM-15016]
  • After you upgrade to 2103 or later, the WEM agent might write errors to the Windows Event Log every five minutes even if users experience no issues with their environment. [WEM-15466]

  • When you use VUEMRSAV.exe to view results about excluded actions or excluded action groups for the current user, the Excluded Actions tab fails to display Action Groups. (By default, VUEMRSAV.exe is located in the agent installation folder: %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\Workspace Environment Management Agent\VUEMRSAV.exe.) [WEM-17075]

  • In the administration console, the default values of certain Profile Management settings (for example, maximum size of the log file) are invalid. [WEM-17774]

Fixed issues