Fixed issues

Workspace Environment Management 2308 contains the following fixed issues compared with Workspace Environment Management 2305:

  • You might see the following error that appears intermittently in the Windows Event Log: HostDirectoryServicesController.IsCurrentDomainReachable(): Checking domain status timed out. Each time WEM fails to check that the domain is reachable, the error is written in the Windows Event Log.The checks are necessary when WEM processes policies. This issue does not affect the functionality of the WEM agent.[WEM-27435, CVADHELP-22396]

  • Attempts to scan profiles using the tool (ProfilesCleanserCmd.exe, ProfilesCleanserGUI.exe) fail when the profiles contain a file or folder whose path exceeds 260 characters in length. [WEM-27330]

  • The Profile Management setting Enable OneDrive container might not take effect, if you configure the Profile Management settings through the WEM administration console. As a workaround, configure the OneDrive container through the Group Policy setting instead of WEM administration console. [WEM-28413]

Fixed issues

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