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Fixed issues

Dec 08, 2017

Fixed in Workspace Environment Management 4.5

The following issues have been fixed in the current release:

  • When you examine the properties of rules in the Microsoft Security Policy Editor (secpol.msc), script rules set to "Audit" mode in the Workspace Environment Management Security tab are incorrectly shown as not configured. (PowerShell can be used to confirm that these rules are actually in audit mode.) [#WEM-352]
  • In the WEM Infrastructure Server Configuration wizard Advanced tab, if you select the option Use cache even if online, it is not saved when you close the wizard. A workaround is to set the registry key BrokerUseCacheEvenIfOnline = 1 in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Norskale\Infrastructure Services. [#WEM-396]
  • While in the Security Tab and switching between Configuration Sets, the side panel may incorrectly display its state, either enabled/disabled. Switching to another tab and back resolves this issue. [#WEM-405]
  • When you select multiple rules and click Edit, any changes to rule assignments you make are applied to all users and user groups you select. In other words, both new and existing rule assignments are merged across those rules. If you do not change rule assignments, existing rule assignments are unchanged. To fine-tune rule assignments, select one rule at a time and click Edit. [#WEM-420]
  • When you select multiple rules and then use Edit, the Permissions option defaults to "Allow," even if some or all the selected rules are set to deny. In the rule list, permissions are correctly reported in the Action column. [#WEM-421]

Fixed in previous releases

Fixed in Workspace Environment Management 4.4
Fixed in Workspace Environment Management 4.3
Fixed in Workspace Environment Management 4.2