Known issues

Workspace Environment Management contains the following issues:

  • On Windows Server 2012 R2, if Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed, it prevents Workspace Environment Management from associating PDF files with other PDF reader applications. Users are forced to select the PDF reader application each time they open a PDF. [WEM-33]

  • When you use a configuration object with Workspace Environment Management PowerShell modules SDK cmdlets, all parameters must be specified. If they are not, the command fails with an InvalidOperation error. [WEM-691, WEM-693]

  • In PowerShell, when you use the help command with the -ShowWindow switch to display help in a floating window for a Workspace Environment Management PowerShell cmdlet, the Examples section of the help is unpopulated. To see the examples, use the get-help command with the -examples, -detailed, or -full switch instead. [WEM-694]

  • In Transformer (kiosk) mode, and with Log Off Screen Redirection enabled, WEM might fail to redirect the user to the logon page after logging off. [WEM-3133]

  • When you enable the process launcher on the Administration Console > Transformer Settings > Advanced > Process Launcher tab to launch a Windows built-in application (for example, calc.exe) as entered in the process command line field, the agent host might keep opening the application after you refresh Citrix WEM Agent. [WEM-3262]

  • You might experience the following two issues:
    • Attempts to connect to the WEM administration console might take a few minutes to complete.
    • It takes a long time to load WEM configurations on agent hosts. The issue occurs when you have a large Active Directory deployment and there are many connected agents. [WEM-4225]
  • Attempts to map a network drive to users might fail if the assigned drive letter is already in use by an existing network drive. The issue occurs when the existing network drive failed to connect as indicated by a red “X” on the network drive icon. [WEM-4495, LD1552]