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A goal of Citrix is to deliver new features and product updates to Citrix Analytics customers when they are available. New releases provide more value, so there’s no reason to delay updates.

To you, the customer, this process is transparent. Initial updates are applied to Citrix internal sites only, and are then applied to customer environments gradually. Delivering updates incrementally in waves helps to ensure product quality and to maximize availability.

October 10, 2018

Citrix Analytics release 1.2

Multiple architectural and platform improvements were done in this release to enhance performance, scale, monitoring, supportability, security, and user experience.

August 23, 2018

New product names

The Citrix products supported by Citrix Analytics are now renamed as part of the Citrix unified product portfolio.

You might notice new names in our products and product documentation. This is a result of the expansion of the Citrix portfolio and cloud strategy. For more details about the Citrix unified portfolio, see Citrix product guide. Implementing this transition in our products and their documentation is an ongoing process.

  • In-product content and documentation might still contain former names. For example, you might see instances of earlier names in console text, messages, directory/file names, screenshots, and diagrams.

  • It is possible that some items (such as commands) might continue to retain their former names to prevent breaking existing customer scripts.

  • Related product documentation and other resources (such as videos and blog posts) that are linked from this product’s documentation might still contain former names.

What’s new