Files in Citrix Workspace

About Files in Citrix Workspace

When using Citrix Workspace and Citrix Workspace app along with the Citrix Content Collaboration service, you can access all of your files from the Files tab in Citrix Workspace. You can view all your Favorites, Personal and Shared Folders, and access any cloud connectors you might have. You can also submit files for Feedback and Approval, view your File Box, and manage your Recycle Bin. You can even edit your files using Citrix Workspace.

For more information on Citrix Workspace, see Citrix Workspace platform. For more information on Citrix Workspace app, see Citrix Workspace app.

For information about new features, see What’s new.

Fixed issues

Fixed issues in 20.21

  • If the Public File Drop API is not configured for an account, an error might occur. [SFPLATFORM-12302]
  • Enabling two-step verification might cause a FindSubdomain API error. [SFPLATFORM-12374]
  • The encrypted email feature in Files in Citrix Workspace might cause a response error for client users. [SFPLATFORM-12497]

Fixed issues in 20.18

  • Files newly uploaded to or deleted from customer-managed storage zones do not appear under the Recover option. [SFPLATFORM-11411]
  • The process of creating a new user for a public file drop might fail. [SFPLATFORM-12203]
  • High-availability customer-managed storage zones might not display as offline. The issue occurs in scenarios where one storage zone controller is on an unsupported version and the other on a supported version. [SFPLATFORM-12299]
  • Navigating to an invalid subdomain might result in a server error. [SFWEB-12666]
  • In Citrix Cloud accounts, the Manage tab for Citrix Content Collaboration might not work if migrating from a Workspace account. [SFWEB-12673]

Fixed issues in 20.14

  • When moving a folder, previous folder permissions might not be applied. [SFPLATFORM-11316]

Fixed issues in 20.11

  • Thumbnails and PDF previews might not display in ShareFile. [SFPLATFORM-12082]

Fixed issues in 20.8

  • Users might be required to enter a phone number to enable two-factor authentication on web even if they have activated and enabled it on client. [SFPLATFORM-11743]
  • If company info is not provided when two-factor authentication is enabled, non-admin employees or client users might not activate successfully. [SFPLATFORM-11744]
  • Get a link URL might not display items if the link is for a restricted zone. [SFPLATFORM-11844]
  • When force SSO is enabled, only master admins are allowed to set up two-factor authentication. [SFPLATFORM-11855]

Fixed issues in 20.3

  • Address Book within Safari browser might be unusable due to poor formatting. [SFWEB-12486]
  • Default Start Date of User Activity Log might exceed maximum value. [SFWEB-12511]
  • Add People to Folder window is poorly formatted. [SFWEB-12541]
  • Incorrect message might display when Continue button is selected after an invalid URL is provided. [SFWEB-12552]
  • A display issue might occur with the signature field form using workflows while signing in from mobile browsers on both iOS and Android. [SFWEB-12556]
  • Clicking the browser back button on weak password policy might land on subdomain page instead of email/password page. [SFWEB-12563]
  • Incorrect text might display for “Don’t know your subdomain.” [SFWEB-12574]

Fixed issues in 19.49

  • FTP login fails when shortname and two-step app specific password is used. [SFWEB-10112]
  • Removing download permission is not removing the hidden view permission. [SFWEB-11065]
  • First attempt to open a file using email on iOS devices fails. [SFWEB-11080]
  • Activation links fail when created by adding new users to a folder and email with ShareFile requiring log in. [SFWEB-11081]
  • “No Items Available” message appears after accessing the download link in email due to files expiring just after they are created in File Drop. [SFWEB-11176]
  • Activity Log option is missing in Person Folders. [SFWEB-11187]
  • ShareFile login page has logo display issues in IE11. [SFWEB-12407]
  • Single items sent or received in an encrypted email using name and email address requirements causes download error. [SFWEB-12484]

Fixed issues in 19.42

  • Attempts to save a .jpg image as a logo on the Company Branding page fail. [SFWEB-12410]

Fixed issues in 19.32

  • Certain download notifications might appear with an anonymous user. [SFPLATFORM-10647]

Fixed issues in 19.30

  • When deleting multiple client users at a time, the last client user you delete receives multiple notifications. Other client users you delete as part of the same batch don’t receive any notifications. [SFPLATFORM-10221]
  • Locations of customers might be incorrect when generating a usage report. [SFPLATFORM-10394]
  • The “People on this Folder” tab might not work correctly for non-admin users. [SFPLATFORM-10494]
  • Users without folder admin permissions might not be able to manage their own folder notifications. [SFPLATFORM-10512]
  • When configuring the Outlook plug-in, the Send Text option might not display any text. [SFPLATFORM-10500]

Fixed issues in 19.28

  • Moving folders might not reassign owners correctly. [SFPLATFORM-9605]
  • When signing in using FTP, using just the user name instead of the domain and user name might fail. [SFPLATFORM-10112]
  • Thumbnails for images might not display correctly. [SFPLATFORM-10123]
  • The “” email might show as a user who has downloaded data in the logs. [SFPLATFORM-10143]
  • The location of the created usage report might not be where it is expected. [SFPLATFORM-10149]
  • Files with certain character format names are displayed in the wrong format or language. [SFWEB-12139]

Fixed issues in 19.19

  • After disabling a storage zone and migrating files to a new storage zone, the account might not update correctly. [SFPLATFORM-9228]
  • When setting up two-step verification, the app remembers the first country code you select and attempt - even if you change the selection to a different country code. [SFPLATFORM-9814]
  • When adding a new note to a versioned item, the new note overwrites all previous notes created in that versioned items list. [SFPLATFORM-9848]
  • Using Request a File and requiring sign-in causes both the sender and the recipient to be logged as the intended user. [SFPLATFORM-9871]
  • When replying to an encrypted email in Safari using iOS, tapping Send takes you to the sign-in page and the reply is not sent. [SFWEB-12142]
  • When using two-factor authentication, using a non-US phone number for the backup phone causes the following error message to appear: “Failed to send, please make sure you entered a valid phone number.”[SFWEB-12256]
  • When the administrator navigates to the Login and Security page in the Citrix Cloud console, the following error message appears: “AccountProvider: The item could not be found.” [SFWEB-12262]

Fixed issues in 19.17

  • Creating a new Microsoft Office file might fail due to invalid characters in the file name. [SFPLATFORM-7269]
  • When IP restrictions are set in Citrix Content Collaboration, Citrix Virtual Apps might not enumerate correctly. [SFPLATFORM-9225]
  • Users might be able to edit the folder expiration date for Personal Folders. [SFPLATFORM-9621]
  • When exporting logs using a cross tenant or cross user, no exception is thrown. [SFLATFORM-9642]
  • Child folders might appear at the same level as their parent folders. [SFPLATFORM-9831]
  • This fix addresses an issue with the creation of client users in the add user to folder process. [SFPLATFORM-9849]

Fixed issues in 19.15

  • Files might be deleted after users are reassigned. [SFPLATFORM-8307]
  • The storage zone shown in the webapp and the database for the account might not match. [SFPLATFORM-8902]
  • The NotificationSweeper app might consume an excessive amount of CPU. [SFPLATFORM-9202]
  • User roles might not be set during validation. [SFPLATFORM-9433]
  • Sync might mistake the master administrator for a client user, pausing Sync. [SFPLATFORM-9700]
  • When a DS group is added to a workflow, the workflow cannot be edited. [SFPLATFORM-9755]
  • Adding a new client user might not create an activation token when using a Citrix Workspace account. [SFPLATFORM-9757]
  • When attempting to move or archive a file using the ShareFile Desktop App for Windows, the following error message appears: “You are not authorized to perform this operation.” [SFPLATFORM-9804]
  • Links sent with ShareID might redirect to the dashboard rather than to the downloadable file. [SFWEB-12186]
  • Encrypted emails sent to email addresses beginning with “g” might not be sent. [SFWEB-12196]
  • Help links were gray on a dark background, making them difficult to see. [SFWEB-12207]
  • Administrators might not be able to switch to a valid storage zone. [SFWEB-12224]

Fixed issues in 19.12

  • The EncryptedEmailInbox is visible in Shared Folders for super users. [SFPLATFORM-9277]
  • Users might not get autoconfirmed as created if the administrator creating them does not have the Admin SSO or Admin Policy roles.[SFPLATFORM-9501]
  • When moving a folder structure, ownership of the subfolders is given to the original owner as well as to the owner of the new location. [SFPLATFORM-9567]
  • Uploads to a “request files” link might cause excessive load on the database server. [SFPLATFORM-9633]
  • Users cannot print .msg files from the web application. [SFWEB-12189]
  • When Citrix Workspace is maximized, selecting the last file in the Recent/Favorites section might not show all available menu options. [WSUI-368]
  • The top menu UI might overlap with the file list when selecting a file in Citrix Workspace app. [WSUI-487]

Fixed issues in 19.9

  • Trying to save a Microsoft Word file to ShareFile might result in an error. [SFPLATFORM-8931]
  • Attempting to move more than 15 files at a time to another folder might fail. [SFPLATFORM-9085]
  • RightSignature users attempting to change permissions of another user might not work and the following error message appears: “[Error2] 403 Forbidden.” [SFPLATFORM-9138]
  • Attempts to change Folder Options to modify subfolders might not apply correctly. [SFPLATFORM-9266]
  • Users with larger than normal folder structures cannot set retention policies. [SFPLATFORM-9292]
  • File Drops do not upload if “select recipient from drop-down list” is cleared. [SFPLATFORM-9509]

Known issues

Known issues in 20.18

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 20.14

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 20.11

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 20.8

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 20.3

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.49

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.42

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.32

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.30

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.28

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.19

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.17

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.15

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.12

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 19.9

No new issues have been observed in this release.