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Support for Zebra Workstation Connect

With this release, we introduce compatibility with Zebra tablet features - desktop launcher and experience in desktop mode. The user experience of the Android tablet is mirrored on the client monitor with the Zebra Workspace Connector.

Citrix Workspace app supports the following Zebra devices:

  • EC50, EC55, ET56 Mobile Computers
  • TC52x,
  • TC57x,
  • TC52ax,
  • TC52x-HC
  • TC52ax-HC

For more information on managing the zebra device, see Manage Zebra Android devices in the Citrix Analytics for Performance documentation.

Multi-display support on Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX (Desktop eXperience) is available on some high-end Samsung handheld devices. The DeX feature enables you to extend your device into a desktop-like experience by connecting a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

You can connect your DeX-enabled device and the external display to extend the desktop session onto the external display. The external display must support the DeX protocol. You can either extend or display different content on the Samsung DeX screen and the external display.


  • This feature applies only to the Samsung DeX platform and not for ChromeOS or other Android devices.
  • This feature is only for Citrix desktop sessions and not for app sessions.
  • The Extend icon is available only on the DeX screen. Start the desktop session from the DeX screen.
  • The external display resolution depends on the Samsung DeX device, the external display, and the other hardware used.

Configure Extend mode

To enable the Extend mode:

  1. Connect the device that has the Samsung DeX protocol to the external monitor using the cable. You can also connect the Samsung DeX capable device to the Samsung monitor. The Samsung monitor must support the DeX protocol in the wireless mode.


    The setup works best with USB type-c HDMI and USB-C Dock adapters.

  2. Open Citrix Workspace app and start a desktop session from the Samsung DeX screen.
  3. Navigate to the toolbar and tap the Extend icon. extend


    To remove the screen extension, tap the Extend icon again. remove extend

  4. Use the drag and drop feature to move the application window to the external monitor.


    Release the mouse pointer at the screen edge when you drag a window to another display. Continue the drag and drop action using a mouse from the target display to move the window.


  • You can rotate the device screen to suit your needs.
  • Adjust the font size for readability in session display settings under the Scale and layout section.

Configure display arrangement

To configure the display arrangement:


Configure the display arrangement before you start the session.

  1. Open Citrix Workspace app and navigate to the Settings icon > Settings > General > Display > Display Arrangement.


  2. Select a suitable option. The device display appears either on the right or on the left.


  • The Samsung DeX screen is the primary display.
  • Only one screen can display the Citrix Workspace app UI.
  • You can plug in only one external display.
  • Citrix Workspace app closes when you start a session.
Extend display