Citrix Workspace app 2301 for HTML5 - Preview

What’s new

Multi‑window chat and meetings for Microsoft Teams

Starting with the 2301 version, you can use multiple windows for chat and meetings in Microsoft Teams. You can pop out the conversations or meetings in various ways.

For details about the pop‑out window feature, see Pop out a chat in Microsoft Teams. For troubleshooting see, CTX253754.

Microsoft will deprecate the single‑window support in the future. If you’re running an older version of Citrix Workspace app or Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA), you can upgrade to:

  • Citrix Workspace app 2301 or later and
  • VDA - 2203 or later

Plug and Play audio device support

Previously, only a single audio playback and recording device was supported and displayed as Citrix HDX Audio irrespective of the real device name.

Starting with the 2301 release, we support multiple audio devices and redirect them to VDA. Now, when you redirect USB audio devices, you can view the real name of the audio device under the Sound settings > Playback and Sound settings > Recording on the VDA. The list of devices on the VDA is dynamically updated whenever an audio device is plugged in or removed.

How to configure

You can configure this feature as follows:


In Citrix Workspace app for HTML5, the configuration.js file is located under C:\program Files\Citrix\HTML5Client folder.


  • Citrix recommends that you back up the configuration.js file before making changes.
  • Administrator-level credentials are required to edit the configuration.js file.

To configure the feature:

  1. Navigate to the configuration.js file in the HTML5Client folder.
  2. Edit this file to configure the plug and play audio device support feature.
  3. Add the AudioRedirectionV4 attribute and set the attribute to true. For example,

        'features' : {
            'audio' : {
                AudioRedirectionV4: true
  4. Save the changes.


  • To disable this feature, set the AudioRedirectionV4 attribute to false.

Fixed issues

  • Webcam redirection isn’t working when you use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops version 2206 and later. With the latest fix, the webcam redirection is successful from Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 version 2301 and later. [RFHTMCRM-8580]

  • In the multi-monitor mode, a white patch is observed inside the session. The issue occurs when you block pop-ups for Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 sessions on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium browsers. [RFHTMCRM-8476]

  • When you use a Chromebook and attempt to call from optimized Microsoft Teams, the call doesn’t work as expected. The following error message appears:

    “Sorry, it wasn’t possible to connect”. [CVADHELP-21670] [CVADHELP-21500]

Known issues

  • There are no known issues in this release.
Citrix Workspace app 2301 for HTML5 - Preview