Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 2101 - Tech Preview

What’s new

Improved soft keyboard performance

In earlier releases, the following issues occurred in a session when using a soft keyboard:

  • The soft keyboard appeared intermittently.
  • Focus issues occurred when you switched between Tablet and Normal modes.
  • The clipboard feature failed to work because of focus issues.

This release addresses those issues and improves the overall performance and stability of the soft keyboard feature.

Fixed issues

  • In scenarios where a launched application already exists, when you launch another application through session sharing, a connection dialog appears with a spinning circle. [RFHTMCRM-4580]

  • With session sharing enabled, when you attempt to launch a session through the HDX SDK for HTML5, the session might not receive any messages. The issue occurs with seamless sessions. [RFHTMCRM-4581]

  • In scenarios where a VDA is configured with a NVIDIA GPU, with hardware encoding enabled, a black screen might appear when the session runs in full-screen mode. Also, videos might not render when the selective H.264 graphic mode is enabled through For actively changing regions policy. [RFHTMCRM-4589]

Known issues

No new issues have been observed in this release.

Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 2101 - Tech Preview