To override the printer settings on the user device

  1. From the Print menu available from an application on the user device, choose Properties.
  2. On the Client Settings tab, click Advanced Optimizations and modify the Image Compression and Image and Font Caching options.

On-screen keyboard control

To enable touch-enabled access to virtual applications and desktops from Windows tablets, Citrix Workspace app automatically displays the on-screen keyboard when:

  • you activate a text entry field and
  • when the device is in tent or tablet mode.

On some devices and in some circumstances, Citrix Workspace app can’t accurately detect the mode of the device. The on-screen keyboard might also appear when you don’t want it to.

To suppress the on-screen keyboard from appearing when using a convertible device:

  • create a REG_DWORD value DisableKeyboardPopup in HKEY\_CURRENT\_USER\\SOFTWARE\\Citrix\\ICA Client\\Engine\\Configuration\\Advanced\\Modules\\MobileReceiver and
  • set the value to 1.


On a x64 machine, create the value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\MobileReceiver.

The keys can be set to the following 3 different modes:

  • Automatic: AlwaysKeyboardPopup = 0; DisableKeyboardPopup = 0
  • Always popup (on-screen keyboard): AlwaysKeyboardPopup = 1; DisableKeyboardPopup = 0
  • Never popup (on-screen keyboard): AlwaysKeyboardPopup = 0; DisableKeyboardPopup = 1

PDF printing

Citrix Workspace app for Windows supports PDF printing in a session. The Citrix PDF Universal Printer driver allows you to print documents that are launched using hosted applications and desktops running on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix DaaS.

When you select the Citrix PDF Printer option from the Print dialog, the printer driver converts the file to a PDF and transfers the PDF to the local device. The PDF is then launched using the default PDF viewer for viewing and prints from a locally attached printer.

Citrix recommends the Google Chrome browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF viewing.

You can enable Citrix PDF printing using Citrix Studio on the Delivery Controller.


  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Version 7 1808 or later.
  • At least one PDF viewer must be installed on your computer.

To enable PDF printing:

  1. On the Delivery Controller, use the Citrix Studio, to select the Policy node in the left pane. You can either create a policy or edit an existing policy.
  2. Set the Auto-create PDF Universal Printer policy to Enabled.

Restart the Citrix Workspace app session for the changes to take effect.


  • PDF viewing and printing aren’t supported on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Expanded tablet mode in Windows 10 using Windows Continuum

Windows Continuum is a Windows 10 feature that adapts to the way the client device is used. Citrix Workspace app for Windows supports Windows Continuum, including dynamic change of modes.

For touch-enabled devices, the Windows 10 VDA starts in tablet mode when there’s no keyboard or mouse attached. It starts in desktop mode when either a keyboard or a mouse or both are attached. Detaching or attaching the keyboard on any client device or the screen on a 2-in-1 device like a Surface Pro toggles between tablet and desktop modes. For more information, see Tablet mode for touchscreen devices in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops documentation.

On a touch-enabled client device, the Windows 10 VDA detects the presence of a keyboard or mouse when you connect or reconnect to a session. It also detects when you attach or detach a keyboard or mouse during the session. This feature is enabled by default on the VDA. To disable the feature, modify the Tablet mode toggle policy using Citrix Studio.

Tablet mode offers a user interface that is better suited to touchscreens:

  • Slightly larger buttons.
  • The Start screen and all the apps you start open in a full screen.
  • The taskbar includes a Back button.
  • Icons are removed from the taskbar.

Desktop mode offers the traditional user interface where you interact in the same manner as a PC with a keyboard and mouse.


Workspace for web doesn’t support the Windows Continuum feature.