SaaS apps

Secure access to SaaS applications provides a unified user experience that delivers published SaaS applications to the users. SaaS apps are available with single sign-on. Administrators can now protect the organization’s network and end-user devices from malware and data leaks. Administrators can achieve this by filtering access to specific websites and website categories.

Citrix Workspace app for Windows support the use of SaaS apps using the Citrix Secure Private Access. The service enables administrators to provide a cohesive experience, integrating single sign-on, and content inspection.

Delivering SaaS apps from the cloud has the following benefits:

  • Simple configuration – Easy to operate, update, and consume.
  • Single sign-on – Hassle-free log on with single sign-on.
  • Standard template for different apps – Template-based configuration of popular apps.

Citrix Workspace app launches the SaaS apps on Citrix Enterprise Browser (formerly Citrix Workspace Browser). For information, see Citrix Enterprise Browser documentation.


  • When you launch a published app with the print option enabled and download disabled, and give a print command on a launched app, you can still save the PDF. As a workaround, to strictly disable the download functionality, disable the print option.
  • Videos embedded in an app might not work.
  • You can’t open SaaS apps using Storebrowse commands.

For more information about Workspace configuration, see Workspace configuration in Citrix Cloud.

SaaS apps

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