Profile Management

Log file checklist

After working through the basic troubleshooting checklist, examine the Profile Management log file as follows.

  1. Make sure that logging is enabled.
  2. Check the log file for errors. Locate these errors by searching for the word ERROR.
  3. Check the log file for warnings. Locate these warnings by searching for the word WARNING.
  4. Run the command gpupdate /force on the computer on which the error occurs, and check the log file again. Review which settings are active and from where the configuration has been read (either Group Policy or an .ini file).
  5. Check that the path to the user store is correct.
  6. Check that all information from Active Directory was read correctly.
  7. Check the time stamps. Is there an action that took too long?

If the log file does not help you identify the issue, see Advanced troubleshooting checklist.

Log file checklist

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