Profile Management

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR CU3

Compared to: Profile Management 1912 LTSR CU2

Profile Management 1912 LTSR CU3 contains all fixes included in the 1912 LTSR initial release, CU1, CU2, plus the following, new fixes:

  • When you navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > User Profiles, the profile for the logged-in user shows a question mark for the Size field. The other user profiles show the correct sizes. [CVADHELP-13993]

  • When a folder on the Folders to Mirror list is not present in the user store during logons, the local user profile is deleted. [CVADHELP-15248]

  • When you enable the Automatic migration of existing application profiles policy and migrate the existing profiles, Microsoft Outlook settings might be lost. The issue occurs during the second and subsequent logons after the migration. [CVADHELP-15723]

  • With Desktop added to the Exclusion list – directories policy, an error might occur when users attempt to save any changes in a published application or desktop. [CVADHELP-15792]

  • Windows user credentials might remain after being removed from the Credential Manager. [CVADHELP-16083]

  • Folders created before enabling Delete excluded files or folders through the Logon Exclusion Check policy but excluded by the Exclusion list – directories or Enable Default Exclusion list – directories policy might not be deleted. [CVADHELP-16439]

  • New files created with the Large File Handling - Files to be created as symbolic links policy setting, might not sync during logoff. [CVADHELP-16526]

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR CU3

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