Profile Management

Automatically reattach VHDX disks in sessions

With the Automatically reattach VHDX disks in sessions feature, Profile Management ensures a high level of stability of VHDX-based policies.


Citrix Profile Management offers the following VHDX-based policies:

Each policy relies on the relevant VHDX disks to function properly. Profile Management attaches those disks during logons and detaches them during logoffs. However, those VHDX disks might be accidentally detached during a session, preventing the policies from functioning properly. Possible causes for a VHDX disk to be detached include:

  • File server encountering a transient error
  • Slow network connection

With the Automatically reattach VHDX disks in sessions policy enabled, Profile Management monitors VHDX disks that are in use by the preceding VHDX-based policies. If any of the disks is detached, Profile Management reattaches the disk automatically.

Enable the policy

By default, the policy is enabled. We recommend you keep its default setting to ensure the high stability of VHDX-based policies.

If you experience performance issues with the VHDX-based policies, follow these steps to check the policy setting:

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Editor.

  2. Under Citrix Components > Profile Management > Advanced settings, double-click the Automatically reattach VHDX disks in sessions policy.

  3. If the setting is Disabled, select Enabled, and then click OK.

For your changes to take effect, run the gpupdate /force command from the command prompt, as documented in the Microsoft article.

Configuration precedence:

  1. If this policy isn’t configured here, the value from the .ini file is used, which defaults to enabled.
  2. If this setting is configured neither here nor in the .ini file, the policy is enabled by default.
Automatically reattach VHDX disks in sessions