Profile Management

Profile Management and App-V

You can use Profile Management in the same environment as Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.x (App-V 5.x).


Profile Management supports only globally published App-V.

Exclude the following items using Profile Management exclusions:

  • Profile Management\File system\Exclusion list\directories:
    • AppData\Local\Microsoft\AppV
    • AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Catalog
  • Profile Management\registry\Exclusion list:
    • Software\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Integration
    • Software\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Publishing

For instructions on setting exclusions, see Include and exclude items.

If the UserLogonRefresh setting is enabled in App-V, disable the Profile streaming policy in Profile Management. This restriction is the result of an incompatibility of UserLogonRefresh with Profile streaming.

For an example of how to sequence an App-V application, see

For information on configuring third-party Profile Management solutions with App-V enabled, see Do not include Software\Classes on Microsoft Windows 10 systems.

Profile Management and App-V