Profile Management

Configuration precedence

You can configure Profile Management using Group Policies and the .ini file. Configuration settings are applied as follows:

  1. Settings defined by Group Policies take precedence. The .ini file is queried only if a policy setting is set to Not Configured.

    Note: If you apply a Group Policy Object selectively to sites and domains within an Organizational Unit, a further precedence applies. See Group Policy: Filtering and Permission. Domain and OU Group Policies take precedence over local policies.

  2. Where a setting is not defined by a policy, Profile Management tries to read the setting from the .ini file.

  3. If a setting is not configured by a group policy or in the .ini file, the default setting is used.

In XenDesktop 7 deployments, be aware of the additional precedence introduced by Citrix Virtual Desktops policies. For more information, see the topic User profiles in the Citrix Virtual Desktops documentation.

There might be situations where you want to configure the same setting differently in Group Policy and the .ini file. For example when you want to activate default logging with a Group Policy setting but activate verbose logging using the .ini file on a computer that you use for troubleshooting.

Configuration precedence