Profile Management

Fixed issues in 2203 LTSR CU2

Compared to: Profile Management 2203 LTSR CU1

Profile Management 2203 LTSR CU2 contains all fixes included in the 2203 LTSR initial release, CU1, plus the following, new fixes:

  • Profile Management might not recreate folders used in Microsoft Folder Redirection even when the folder redirection policy is disabled. [CVADHELP-20036]

  • The Citrix Profile Management service (UserProfileManager.exe) might exit unexpectedly. [CVADHELP-20491]

  • Attempts to use the Outlook Search index roaming feature might fail with no permission to access the VHDX files. The issue occurs after upgrading Profile Management from version 1912 LTSR to version 2203 LTSR. [CVADHELP-20957]

  • After installing the Microsoft Windows update, KB5010342 or the update it replaces, the Explorer.exe process might cause high CPU usage. [CVADHELP-21047]

Fixed issues in 2203 LTSR CU2

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