Profile Management

Enable the OneDrive container

With the OneDrive container, OneDrive folders can roam with users. As a result, a user can access the same OneDrive folders on any computer.

The OneDrive container is a VHDX-based folder roaming solution. Profile Management creates a VHDX file per user on a file share and stores the users’ OneDrive folders into the VHDX files. The VHDX files are attached when users log on and detached when users log off.

Profile Management provides the following two profile solutions, and the OneDrive container applies to both of them:

  • File-based. User profiles are fetched from the remote user store to the local computer on logon and written back on logoff.
  • Container-based. User profiles are stored in VHDX files (known as profile containers). Those VHDX files are automatically attached on logon and detached on logoff.

The general workflow for deploying the OneDrive container is as follows:

  1. (Optional) specify the storage path for the VHDX files
  2. Enable and configure the OneDrive container


    • Starting with Citrix Profile Management 2206, if you use the container-based solution, OneDrive folders roam with users by default. However, if you want to roam OneDrive folders using a separate container, you can also enable the OneDrive container.
    • Starting with Citrix Profile Management 2311, OneDrive container supports the following sync features:

      • Multi-session runtime sync. Any changes a user makes to the OneDrive files in one session are now instantly visible in all concurrent sessions.
      • Single Sign-On (SSO) sync. Users don’t need to reenter credentials for OneDrive during subsequent logons.

(Optional) specify the storage path for the VHDX files

By default, the VHDX files for the OneDrive container are stored on the same storage server as the user store.

For example, you configure the path of the user store as


The VHDX files for the OneDrive container are then stored in


If needed, you can specify a different file share to store VHDX disks for OneDrive folders. For more information, see Specify the storage path for VHDX files.

Enable and configure the OneDrive container

Enable the OneDrive container policy and specify the OneDrive folders to store in the VHDX files. Detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Editor.
  2. Access Policies > Administrative Templates: Policy definitions (ADMX files) > Citrix Components > Profile Management > Advanced settings, and then double-click Enable OneDrive container.
  3. Select Enabled.
  4. In the List of OneDrive folders field, click Show.
  5. Enter your OneDrive folders in the form of the path relative to the user profile, and then click OK.

    For example, if the absolute path of your OneDrive folder is %userprofile%\OneDrive - Citrix, add OneDrive - Citrix to the list.


    The relative paths cannot include any variables, such as !CTX_OSNAME! and !CTX_OSBITNESS!.

  6. Click OK.
Enable the OneDrive container