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What’s new in 2308

This release includes the following new features and enhancements. It also addresses several issues that help to improve overall performance and stability.

Extended app access control

The app access control feature now applies to users and machines outside the traditional domain environment. With this feature, you can implement app access control for non-domain-joined machines and control app access based on Active Directory and Azure Active Directory user accounts.

The built-in PowerShell rule generator has also been enhanced. With this tool, you can now set up app access rules not only for AD users and machines but also for Azure Active Directory users and non-domain-joined machines.

For more information, see Control access to applications.

Profile migration tool for Citrix container-based profile solution

Citrix Profile Management now offers a profile migration tool to facilitate the migration process to the Citrix container-based profile solution. With this tool, you can migrate user profiles from the following profile solutions to the Citrix container-based profile solution:

  • Windows local profiles

  • FSLogix Profile Container

  • Citrix file-based profile solution

For more information, see Migrate user profiles.

Auto-expansion policies for profile containers

Citrix Profile Management now offers a set of storage auto-expansion policies for profile containers:

  • Enable VHD auto-expansion for profile container

  • Profile container auto-expansion threshold

  • Profile container auto-expansion increment

  • Profile container auto-expansion limit

With these policies, profile containers can automatically expand as user profiles grow, eliminating the need for manual expansion and delivering improved user experiences. For more information, see Enable and configure VHD auto-expansion for profile containers.

Support for enabling exclusive access to VHD containers

By default, VHD containers allow concurrent access. With a new policy, Enable exclusive access to VHD containers, you can disable concurrent access for profile containers and OneDrive containers, letting them allow only one access at a time. For more information, see Enable exclusive access to VHD containers.

UWP app roaming (preview)

With a new policy, UWP app roaming, UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps can now roam with users. As a result, users can access the same UWP apps from different devices. For more information, see Enable UWP apps roaming.

What’s new