Profile Management

High availability and disaster recovery with Profile Management

As a prerequisite, familiarize yourself with the structure of the user store and how to create it by reading Profile Management architecture and Create the user store.

These topics describe the supported scenarios for high availability and disaster recovery as they apply to Citrix Profile Management. It relates the scenarios to the relevant, underlying Microsoft technologies and identifies what is supported:

Profile Management assumes that it operates in an environment that is reliable. Principally, this reliability applies to the availability of Active Directory (AD) and a networked user store (NUS). When either is not available, Profile Management cannot provide a profile, and hands over responsibility to Windows, which generally provides a default profile.

Comparison with roaming profiles

In disaster recovery and high availability scenarios, Citrix Profile Management might be affected by the same issues as affect Microsoft roaming profiles. Unless stated to the contrary, Profile Management does not resolve such issues.

In particular, note the following:

High availability and disaster recovery with Profile Management