Profile Management

Fixed issues

Profile Management 2311 contains the following fixed issues compared with Profile Management 2305 LTSR:

  • The Logon Exclusion Check policy might not work as expected. [UPM-5621]

  • You might experience a prolonged logon time while loading user sessions. [UPM-5666]

  • When using the DFS namespace path as the Citrix Profile Management store path, the profile containers might fail to attach to the VDAs. As a result, the user profiles are unavailable. [UPM-5791]

  • With the Profile streaming policy enabled, accessing or fetching profile files from the user store might fail with the following error message: The file can’t be accessed by the system. [UPM-5883]

  • After you enable the Enable profile streaming for folders policy and configure some relative paths to the user profile using the Profile Streaming Exclusion list - directories policy, the files under these relative paths might not work as expected after successful logons. [UPM-5884]

  • After upgrading VDAs to version 1912 LTSR CU8, the user profiles might fail to load from the store. Instead, the users are provided with the local profiles. [UPM-5893]

  • VDAs might experience a fatal exception on upmjit.sys and display a blue screen. [UPM-5896]

Fixed issues