Fixed issues

Profile Management 1903 contains the following fixed issues compared to Profile Management 1811:

  • Profile Management unexpectedly creates the VHDX files on logoff after you disable the Enable search index roaming for Outlook feature. [UPM-1473]

  • On Windows 10 version 1809 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops, the variable !ctx_osname! that you use to build paths expands to the OS name incorrectly. Instead of the proper OS, the variable expands to “Win2019.” [UPM-1504]

  • Profile Management might fail to unmount the VHDX files on logoff when the user store path contains uppercase letters. [UPM-1505]

  • The Outlook.vhdx file might not be created in a multi-domain environment. [LD0259]

  • When you log on to the Citrix Virtual Apps server for the second time, the user profile is corrupted. The issue occurs when Profile Management cannot delete the profile on logoff because the profile is in use by the system. Restart the Profile Management Service to delete the profile. [LD0560]

  • When the CopyFileWithRetries function fails to copy a file in a directory, the remaining files might not be copied. The issue occurs when the Citrix Profile Management service attempts to copy files from a default template profile directory to the current user’s profile directory. During the copy process, the corresponding function CopyDirectory ends the copy operation when one file under the current directory can’t be copied because of permission restrictions. As a result, other files aren’t copied. [LD0648]

  • The VDA for Server OS is running on Microsoft Windows 10, Version 1709 or greater. When you choose to exclude the *.tmp file for synchronization of Profile Management policy, the changes you make to any Microsoft Office documents, such as Word and PowerPoint files, might not be saved while you log out. Your changes are not retained when you log on and reopen the files. [LD0782]

  • The AppData(Roaming) folder redirection might fail to work in Profile Management that is running on Microsoft Windows 10. The issue occurs when the AppData(Roaming) folder does not preexist in the file storage directory. [LD0797]


Fixed issues

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