Fixed issues

Profile Management 1811 contains the following fixed issues compared to Profile Management 1808:

  • “Redirected folder” on the Personalization dashboard in Citrix Director displays as “n/a,” while folder redirection actually works on the client side. [UPM-1307, LC9968]

  • Profile Management might fail to mount VHDX files after logon. As a result, the Enable search index roaming for Outlook feature does not work. [UPM-1388]

  • The files (.adm and .admx files) under ADM_Templates in the Profile Management folder have file names containing the product version number unnecessarily. For example, for Profile Management 1808, the file name of the .adm file is “ctxprofile1808.adm”. [UPM-1411]

  • If two new users log on to the same VDA at the same time, Profile Management fails to grant access permissions to the Microsoft Outlook offline folder file (.ost). As a result, Microsoft Outlook fails to start properly. [UPM-1416]

  • An error occurs while installing Profile Management. As a result, the VDA installation wizard exits unexpectedly. [UPM-1434]

  • The logon duration chart on the Monitor tab of the service fails to retrieve the logon duration data from Profile Management. [UPM-1435]

  • When using Citrix Profile Management Version 7.18 with Enable search index roaming for Outlook policy enabled, the Microsoft Outlook mail search might not work on the VDAs after applying the Windows update. [LD0015]

  • The Citrix Profile Management service, version 1808, might exit unexpectedly when the VDA’s Distinguished Name (Active Directory computer account object) value is longer than 128 characters. [LD0371]


Fixed issues

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