Profile Management

Fixed issues

Profile Management 2012 contains the following fixed issues compared to Profile Management 2009:

  • Changes to Profile Management settings made through the WEM administration console might fail to take effect until you restart the Citrix Profile Management service on target machines.

  • When you enable the Automatic migration of existing application profiles policy and migrate the existing profiles, Microsoft Outlook settings might be lost. The issue occurs during the second and subsequent logons after the migration. [CVADHELP-15723]

  • With Desktop added to the Exclusion list – directories policy, an error might occur when users attempt to save changes in a published application or desktop. [CVADHELP-15792]

  • During logon, Citrix Profile Management might fail to update configured user policy settings such as folder redirection policy settings. This error message appears:

    Event 42: An error occurred while trying to update policy settings for user 'Domain\username'. Policy settings may not have been applied correctly.


Fixed issues