Citrix Provisioning

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR CU5

Citrix Provisioning 1912 CU5 (1912.0.19)

Compared to: Provisioning 1912 LTSR CU4

Citrix Provisioning 1912 LTSR CU5 contains all fixes included in the 1912 LTSR initial release, CU1, CU2, CU3, CU4, plus the following, new fixes:

Citrix Provisioning console issues

  • Adding virtual devices to an existing physical machine catalog using Citrix Provisioning Devices Export Wizard on Citrix Cloud might fail with the following error message:

    No devices found to export


Citrix Provisioning server issues

  • Promoting a vDisk in a 4K share with the Key Management Server or the Cached secrets cleanup option enabled, causes the vDisk to get corrupted. As a result, the target devices experience a fatal exception and display a blue screen when you boot the new version of vDisk. [CVADHELP-18442]

  • Removing or marking down two vDisks in the Citrix Provisioning Console fails, with an error message A database error occurred. This error condition appears when you convert a character string to an unique identifier. [CVADHELP-18484]

  • The stream process stalls. This issue occurs in environments where the SNMP server randomly sends a request packet, containing no data, to stream process ports. [CVADHELP-18600]

  • The VHDX bitmap lookup might be incorrect and might cause differencing VHDX corruption. [CVADHELP-19217]

  • When you use SQL Server Availability Group with nodes in different subnets, Citrix Provisioning Server might fail to establish a connection with the database after you restart the server or restart Stream Service. [CVADHELP-19294]

Citrix Provisioning target device issues

  • Upgrading to Citrix Provisioning version 1912 from version 7.15 CU7 on Windows 10 1809 breaks global policy settings. [CVADHELP-18104]

  • This fix supports lengthy passwords on Streaming Linux Target devices. [CVADHELP-18886]

  • When Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is small, the Active Directory password generated using the net ads changetrustpw command might be long. This results in an incorrect domain password. This fix adds support to the type, length, value (TLV) information elements that request for data longer than the MTU. [CVADHELP-18891]

  • The VHDX bitmap lookup might be incorrect and might cause differencing VHDX corruption. [CVADHELP-19217]

Fixed issues in 1912 LTSR CU5