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Enable SQL Server Always On multi-subnet failover

Citrix Provisioning supports SQL Server AlwaysOn failover in multi-subnet environments. The database server is accessed via ODBC which requires the SQL Server Native Client as a pre-requisite of the Citrix Provisioning server software component.

Ensure that the provisioning server is connecting to an AlwaysOn availability group listener containing the Failover Cluster Instance when enabling MultiSubnetFailover.


The SQL Server Native Client is part of the Citrix Provisioning installer. No additional installation procedures are necessary to use this functionality.

This feature is enabled using the Enable MultiSubnetFailover for SQL field on the Database Server page in the Citrix Provisioning Configuration Wizard. To avoid potential configuration conflicts with other Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop components, use only the configuration wizard to enable this feature.


For more information, refer to SQL AlwaysOn for SQL Server 2012 and 2014.

To enable SQL server always on in multi-subnet environments

  1. After launching the Citrix Provisioning Configuration Wizard, access the Database Server screen.
  2. In the Database Server screen:
    • Specify the AlwaysOn availability group listener in the Server name field.
    • Specify the Instance name.
    • Optionally specify the TCP port number.
  3. Select the Enable MultiSubnetFailover for SQL Server Always On checkbox.
  4. Click Next to continue with the configuration wizard.

Image of the configuration wizard

Enable SQL Server Always On multi-subnet failover