Citrix Provisioning

Storage migration within the same host

Citrix Provisioning improves storage migration within the same host by updating how Citrix Studio integrates OS storage within a VM. To use this functionality:

  1. In Citrix Studio, set the delivery group, containing members the desired target devices, to maintenance mode.
  2. Shut down all provisioned target devices.
  3. Go to Configuration > Hosting and select the Host resource that you want to change. In Actions portion of the screen, click Edit Storage.
  4. In OS and temporary storages, clear the old storage. Changing the storage places the storage into Superseded status. Click Remove… to permanently remove it. Select the new storage you are going to use.

Operating System Storage

  1. Go to the hypervisor and migrate the VMs to the new storage. Some hypervisors (ESX and VMM) have meta data for VMs. Move them also.
  2. Disable maintenance mode on the delivery group.
  3. Boot all the provisioned target devices.
Storage migration within the same host

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