The Citrix License Server must be installed on a server within the farm that is able to communicate with all Citrix Provisioning Servers within the farm. You need one license server per Citrix Provisioning farm.


Provisioning Servers must be connected to the license server to operate successfully, it will not work out-of-the-box. You must use the most recent version of the Citrix License server to get the latest features. Citrix recommends that you upgrade the License Server before upgrading Citrix Provisioning to avoid any licensing conflicts related to grace periods.

Consider the following options when deciding which server to use as the license server:

  • Single system: install the license server on the same system as Citrix Provisioning. This option is suitable for evaluations, test labs, or implementations with one Citrix product.
  • Stand-alone: install the license server on a separate system. This option is suitable for larger implementations or implementations using multiple Citrix products.
  • Point to an existing license server.

For detailed Citrix licensing information, see Licensing.

For information related to vDisk volume licensing, see Configuring a vDisk for Microsoft Volume Licensing.

Licensing grace periods

There are two types of grace period:

  • Out-of-box grace period is 30 days (720 hours). Initial installation of the licensing server provides startup licenses for all Citrix products. Startup licenses expire after 30 days. The 30-day countdown begins when the product prompts you for the startup license for the first time. Citrix Provisioning product licenses must be installed during this period. A startup license for a Citrix product is voided if a license for that product is installed, regardless of whether it is valid or invalid.
  • License server connectivity outage grace period is 30 days (720 hours). If connectivity to the Citrix License Server is lost, Citrix Provisioning continues to provision systems for 30 days.

When Citrix Provisioning is in a grace period, administrators are notified through warning messages in the Provisioning Console.

When a grace period expires, all target devices are shut down.


When you upgrade an existing environment to the newest version of Citrix Provisioning, you must also upgrade to the latest version of the licensing server or the product license will enter a 30-day grace period and new product features will be unavailable.

Installing the License Server

Download the latest version of Citrix Licensing from the download page at


If Citrix Provisioning is installed after the license server or if new licenses are added, you must restart the Stream Service.

New license type for Citrix Cloud

This release introduces a new license type (PVS_CCLD_CCS) providing support for XenApp and XenDesktop Service in Citrix Cloud. This license type is applicable to both desktop and server operating systems that service Citrix Provisioning target devices. It replaces the existing on-premises Provisioning Services license for Desktops and PVS for data centers.


This new Citrix Cloud license type replaces the existing on-premises Citrix Provisioning license for Desktops and provisioning for data centers; it possesses the same license acquiring precedence as the on-premises licenses when bundling Citrix licenses.

The on-premises trade-up feature does not apply to Citrix Cloud licenses. Each Citrix Provisioning target device checks out a single Citrix Cloud license regardless of the operating system type, for example, a data center or desktop.

Citrix Provisioning license options for Citrix Cloud are controlled by the options associated with Citrix Provisioning Services license types, on-premises or Citrix Cloud. Using a license server with Citrix Provisioning, Citrix Cloud licenses will be consumed if the Cloud option is selected during initial setup. Conversely, an on-premises license is consumed if On-premises is selected when setting up Citrix Provisioning.


You must restart the Citrix Provisioning Stream Service whenever changes are made to licensing options, for example, when changing from a Citrix Cloud license to an on-premises licensing schema.

Use the Citrix Provisioning Configuration Wizard to specify a Cloud license. In the License Server screen, click the Cloud radio button, then click Next to continue with the configuration process:

Image of the License Server screen

You can alternately view or change the license type in the Farm Properties screen. In the Licensing tab, select the appropriate license type; click Cloud then click OK:

Image of the Licensing tab


The on-premises trade-up feature does not apply to Citrix Cloud licenses. Each Citrix Provisioning target device checks out a single Citrix Cloud license regardless of the operating system type, for example, a data center or desktop.