Enabling Citrix Ready workspace hub

The Citrix Ready workspace hub is disabled by default in Citrix Receiver for Android. To use the hub with an Android device, use the following steps.

Device prerequisites:

  • Citrix Receiver for Android 3.13.5 or later installed
  • Bluetooth enabled (for proximity authentication)
  • Mobile device and workspace hub using the same Wi-Fi network

Proximity authentication provides a way to authenticate users and launch a session automatically.

  1. To use proximity authentication, enable Bluetooth on the mobile device to ensure that the “Add account type as Web Interface” check box is not selected when setting up the Citrix Receiver account.


  2. In Citrix Receiver, go to Settings and select Use Workspace Hub.


  3. Click Configuration to bring up the Configuration page.


Touch-Free mode is a switch that lets you enable or disable proximity authentication. When touch-free mode is off, proximity authentication is not available but the other functions of the Citrix Ready workspace hub are. To use touch-free mode, Bluetooth should be enabled on the device.

RSSI represents the Bluetooth signal strength relative to the distance between the mobile device and the hub. Entry RSSI is the range in which the workspace hub beacons are detected. Exit RSSI is the beginning of the range outside of which of the mobile device no longer communicates with the workspace hub. Exit RSSI must be equal to or less than Entry RSSI and values must be negative. The default values are -40 (Entry RSSI) and -70 (Exit RSSI), respectively. You can adjust these values depending on your environment and your range from the workspace hub.

As shown below, when you move your mobile device into Range 1, proximity authentication is triggered and your default desktop or app launches automatically on the workspace hub. As long as the mobile device remains within Range 1 or 2, the default desktop or app keeps running on the workspace hub. When you move the device out of Range 1 and 2, the desktop or app closes automatically.


Preferred Resource is the default desktop or app that launches when the mobile device enters the proximity authentication range. This setting is specific to the account used to log into Citrix Receiver. If you have more than one account, you must set a preferred resource for each. This setting is persistent, which means you need to set your preferred resource only once per account. After you set in, your preferred resource launches every time you enter proximity authentication range until you change the setting.

Enabling Citrix Ready workspace hub