Product Documentation

Connect through NetScaler Gateway

Oct 28, 2013

Citrix NetScaler Gateway (formerly Access Gateway) secures connections to StoreFront stores, and lets administrators control, in a detailed way, user access to desktops and applications.

To connect to desktops and applications through NetScaler Gateway

  1. Specify the NetScaler Gateway URL that your administrator provides. You can do this in one of these ways:
    • The first time you use the self-service user interface, you are prompted to enter the URL in the Add Account dialog box
    • When you later use the self-service user interface, enter the URL by clicking Preferences > Accounts > Add
    • If you are establishing a connection with the storebrowse command, enter the URL at the command line

    The URL specifies the gateway and, optionally, a specific store:

    • To connect to the first store that Receiver finds, use a URL of the form
    • To connect to a specific store, use a URL of the form<storename>. Note that this dynamic URL is in a non-standard form; do not include = (the equals sign character) in the URL. If you are establishing a connection to a specific store with storebrowse, you will likely need quotation marks around the URL in the storebrowse command.
  2. When prompted, connect to the store (through the gateway) using your user name, password, and security token. For more information on this step, see the NetScaler Gateway documentation.

    When authentication is complete, your desktops and applications are displayed.