Product Documentation

Browser issues

Aug 16, 2013
You may encounter the following browser issues.

When I click on a link in a Windows session, the content appears in a local browser

Server-client content redirection is enabled in wfclient.ini. This causes a local application to run. To disable server-client content redirection, see Set up server-client content redirection.

When accessing published resources, my browser prompts me to save a file

Browsers other than Firefox and Chrome may require configuration before you can connect to a published resource. If you are connecting through Web Interface, you may be able to access the Web Interface home page with the list of resources. However, when trying to access a resource by clicking an icon on the page, your browser prompts you to save the ICA file.

To configure a different browser for use with Web Interface

Details vary among browsers, but you can set up the MIME data types in the browser so that the $ICAROOT/wfica is executed as a helper application when the browser encounters data with the application/x-ica MIME type or an .ica file.

The installer does not support a specific browser

If you have problems using a specific web browser, set the environment variable BROWSER to specify the local path and name of the required browser before running setupwfc.