User experience

Support for Microsoft Continuum

Citrix Receiver for Universal Windows Platform provides hardware support for Microsoft Continuum devices, including the Microsoft Lumia 950 series, and HP Elite X3 Lap Dock.

Microsoft Continuum is a feature of the Windows 10 operating system. With this feature, Windows 10 and Universal Apps detect the hardware in use (phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs) and display and behave in a way optimized to that hardware. Continuum also helps Windows 10 and Universal Apps adapt to changes in hardware mode. Such changes occur, for example, when you detach a tablet from its physical keyboard or connect your mobile phone to an external monitor for display. Some changes in hardware mode require an adapter.

Citrix Receiver for Universal Windows Platform supports the use of following external devices along with Continuum:

  • Pointing devices
  • Keyboards
  • HDMI-compatible monitors.

Continuum can be used as both a wired and a non-wired interface. After connecting the phone to an external display, the application adapts to the native resolution of the external display.

Support for pinch-to-zoom

Citrix Receiver for UWP provides pinch-to-zoom functionality in an active session.


After launching Citrix Receiver for UWP, select Settings to configure various options. Settings option displays the following tabs:

  1. Accounts
  2. Preferences
  3. Logs
  4. About


The Accounts tab gives you the details of the configured store used to access StoreFront. Here, you can find details such as Name, Description, and StoreFront URL.

You can edit or remove the store details from this tab.

Select Log off to log out of the session.


On the Preferences tab, you can configure the automatic keyboard pop-up option for Citrix Receiver for UWP.

With the Automatic keyboard pop-up enabled, a touch keyboard appears automatically on the screen when you select a text field or any other user input field.

By default, the Automatic keyboard pop-up feature is set to enabled.

Following are the behavior cases when the policy set in Citrix Studio and the Receiver for UWP are different.

Citrix Studio Policy Receiver for UWP setting Resulting Behavior


On the Logs tab, users can trace the session logs.

To assist with troubleshooting connection issues, logs are generated for Receiver for UWP and stored on Microsoft OneDrive.

By default, Enable logging is not selected.

To enable logging, select Enable logging.


The performance of Citrix Receiver for UWP might slow down when Enable logging is selected.


The About tab gives details of the software used on your device.

It provides the version number of the software, link to third-party notices, and an email address ( is given for you to provide feedback.