Known issues / Limitations

Citrix Receiver for Windows (Store) supports many of the familiar features of the traditional edition of Citrix Receiver for Windows, but not all.

For a list of supported, unsupported, and partially supported features, see Feature matrix.

Unsupported features

The following features of Citrix Receiver for Windows are not currently supported in Citrix Receiver for Windows (Store):

  1. Offline apps (virtualized)
  2. File type association
  3. Jabber VXME optimization pack
  4. Proximity/Contactless card (Fast Connect)
  5. Pass-through authentication


  • The App Commands and Charms options present in the desktop viewer are not available for Citrix Receiver for Windows (Store) edition. For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX224641.
  • Citrix Receiver for Windows (Store) does not support the SDK functionality. This includes the Virtual Channel SDK, ICA Client Object SDK, and Fast Connect API.
  • You require additional configuration to use the TWAIN virtual scanner with Citrix Receiver for Windows (Store). For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX230095.
  • On a Windows 10 S device, you cannot collect the CDF trace using the CDFControl tool.
  • URL redirection and its dependent functionalities like Local App Access and Client-hosted apps are not supported.
  • USB redirection is supported only on non-Windows 10 S devices. To enable this feature, run the USBInstall.bat file and restart the client device for the changes to take effect. To download and run the batch file, see Knowledge Center article CTX231229.

Known issues

To know the list of known issues in Citrix Receiver for Windows, see Known issues. These known issues are applicable only on the supported and partially supported features listed in the Feature matrix.

  • Only the Self-Service plug-in component logs are available after installing Citrix Receiver for Windows (Store). The Self-Service plug-in logs are present in the \AppData\Local\Citrix\SelfService folder.

    Installation logs for all other components are not available. [#RFWIN-6745]

  • You cannot launch subscribed apps and desktops using desktop shortcuts. As a workaround, disable the Show application in Start Menu option from Advanced Preferences > Settings Option > Application Display. [#RFWIN-6775]