Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.9 LTSR

Manage my passwords

Citrix Single Sign-on manages the information you need to log on to password-protected programs and Web sites. Your user information is stored on a server that you can contact from any computer in your company that runs Single Sign-on. That means you can access your own programs, settings, and work as you move around your facilities.

In addition to automating the logon process, Single Sign-on saves you time by eliminating calls to your company’s computer help desk to have your Windows password reset or account unlocked. Single Sign-on can even generate new, highly secure passwords for you.

Depending upon how your company sets it up, Single Sign-on starts when you log on to your computer or when you open your first password-protected program or Web site. At this time, Single Sign-on connects with the server on which your user information is stored and confirms your identity. From this point, you are logged on to any program or Web site for which you stored your logon information. You may also be prompted to add logon information when you start programs or open Web sites for which no information is currently stored.

Depending on how your company set it up, you may be able to start Single Sign-on from your Start menu:

  • From the Start menu, click All Programs > Citrix > Citrix Single Sign-on.

Single Sign-on shuts down only when you exit Citrix Receiver for Windows, but you can pause Single Sign-on without shutting it down.

Important: Single Sign-on is a very flexible program, allowing companies to set it up in ways that best meet their needs. Not all features described here will be available to all users. Feature availability is at the discretion of your company. In some instances, entire tasks, such as revealing your passwords, may not be available. In other cases, the steps described for a task may be somewhat different. Effort has been taken to identify these variations, but you may discover others. Feel free to contact Citrix at Citrix documentation when these situations occur.

Manage my passwords