Fixed issues

Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.12

Compared to: Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.11

HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection

  • With the HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection setting enabled, the PseudoContainer2.exe process might exit unexpectedly when you disconnect the session. [#LC8802]


  • Attempts to use the server default or the desired keyboard layouts using APPSRV.INI or ICA files that is downloaded from the StoreFront might fail.

    The following are the limitations in this scenario:

    • You must set the keyboard layout manually in the session through the control panel when configuring for the first time even though you have set the layout previously.
    • You must set the keyboard layout synchronization from Advance Preferences to No. If you set the layout to Yes, the local IME is redirected. [#LC9593]


  • When you attempt to start a desktop using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, this error message might appear:

    “The connection to <published_desktop> failed with status (Unknown client error 0).” [#LC8841]

  • When you setup aggregation between two sites in StoreFront, the pre-launch session is not created. [#LC8847]

  • Certain DVD videos might not play inside a session through a mapped client drive. [#LC8912]

  • In a double hop scenario with VDA for Desktop OS in the first hop and an application in the second hop that is started within a VDA, upon reconnecting to the first hop that is running VDA for Desktop OS, the screen might flicker for a few seconds. [#LC9071]

  • When you redirect bidirectional content to a VDA, a second URL opens on a new browser when the browser is already open. [#LC9157]

  • When you start an application, Citrix Receiver for Windows might display “Connection in progress…” before it fails to start. This error message appears:

    “The published resource is not available currently. Contact your system administrator for assistance.” [#LC9170]

  • When you start a session in windowed and non-seamless mode using Citrix Receiver for Windows, a gray screen might appear. The issue occurs when the resolution of the ICA file is greater than the resolution of the client’s endpoint. [#LC9266]

  • Attempts to start applications from Citrix Receiver for Mac might fail. The issue occurs when the client license (LicenseRequestClientLicense) cannot be fetched. [#LC9286]

  • Attempts to start desktops using Citrix Receiver for Windows might fail. The issue occurs even after increasing the launch time through the setting LaunchTimeoutMs using StoreFront. [#LC9369]

  • If you select the Clear or Delete clipboard function in a published application that is running on a VDA for Server OS, the VDA clipboard clears but the text remains on the endpoint clipboard. [#LC9434]

  • When you upgrade Citrix Receiver for Windows through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Receiver for Windows might request a system restart. [#LC9706]

  • When installing Citrix Receiver for Windows through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or PSExec, there might be an unattended installation of Receiver for Windows. [#RFWIN-8188]

Smart Cards

  • When you attempt to start a published desktop in full screen mode using smart card authentication, the PIN prompt might not appear on the Desktop Viewer. [#LC8579]

System Exceptions:

  • The wfica32 process might exit intermittently when using a touch-enabled device to connect to a VDA. [#LC9228]

  • The wfica32.exe process might exit intermittently. [#LC9397]

User Experience:

  • When you start a published desktop with Hardware Acceleration for graphics enabled, a gray preview of the Desktop Viewer might appear on the toolbar. [#LC8545]

  • The desktop might disappear soon after you start the desktop. The issue occurs because of the duplicate TLS packets sent from the Citrix Receiver for Windows. [#LC8724]

  • The Start menu and taskbar icons might flicker when you refresh the applications within Citrix Receiver for Windows. [#LC8890]

  • When you start a published desktop using the H.265 video codec, green color appears on the published desktop’s screen. [#LC9083]

  • Applications and icons might partially associate with file types when using Citrix Receiver for Windows with Citrix XenApp Services Site. [#LC9402]

  • Choosing No, use the server keyboard layout in the keyboard tab on the Keyboard and Language bar page might not dynamically support the keyboard layout synchronization. Choosing Yes dynamically supports the keyboard layout synchronization. However, the keyboard layout is synchronized during the initial connection in both scenarios. [#RFWIN-7999]

  • On a 64-bit machine, when you launch a 32-bit instance of an app with a registry entry of %ProgramFiles%, the entry is expanded to C:\Program Files but not to C:\Program Files (X86)\. As a result, the 32-bit instance of the app launch falls back to a server instance launch. causing vPrefer to fail for that application. [#RFWIN-8025]


  • This fix addresses minor performance and quality improvements for Enlightened Data Transport (EDT). [#LC9417]

Note: This version of Citrix Receiver for Windows also includes all fixes included in Versions, 4.11, 4.10.1, 4.10, 4.9, 4.8, 4.7, 4.6, 4.5, 4.4.