Session Recording

Search for recordings

You can search for recordings by using filters in the web player. The available filters include host name, client name, user name, application, client IP address, event text, event type, and time.

Recording search filters

For example, after you select the host name filter, the following dialog box appears. Type in the host name (of the VDA where recorded sessions are hosted) and click Search to filter out irrelevant recordings and display only the relevant ones.

The host name filter

You can change to a different filter by clicking the currently selected Host name, as shown in the following screen capture. All filters are listed after you click Host name. Select a different filter as needed.

All filters listed

You can also click the + symbol to add filters.

The plus symbol

For example, you can add the Time filter as shown in the following screen.

Add the time filter

The Time filter consists of recording start date, start time, and duration.

Search for recordings

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