Session Recording

Fixed issues in 2203 LTSR CU1

Compared to: Session Recording 2203 LTSR initial release

Session Recording 2203 LTSR CU1 contains all fixes included in the 2203 LTSR initial release, plus the following, new fixes:

  • This fix helps to improve the overall performance of the Session Recording web player. [SRT-7305, SRT-7430, SRT-7431, SRT-7432, SRT-7433, SRT-7435, SRT-8022]

  • When you switch between single and multiple screens, dual screen might not be displayed. [SRT-7435]

  • The Session Recording agent might not work when Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) calls take a long time to fetch Windows Server features. [SRT-7503, SRT-7561]

  • Files containing the recordings of active sessions might be hidden. You might not be able to recover them even after restarting the Session Recording Storage Manager service. [SRT-7665]

  • When you select a recording and click the Follow up icon to display the recording files, there might be a mismatch between the column header number and the displayed content. [SRT-7764]

Fixed issues in 2203 LTSR CU1

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