Default ica settings

When a user launches an application, StoreFront generates an ica file that is contains all of the launch settings which is read by the HDX client.

In most cases it is recommended to modify ica settings using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Policies or Citrix DaaS Poliices. However in some cases it useful to define settings differently for each store, or apply settings globally across all Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop resource feeds.

For each store, StoreFront has a file called default.ica. Settings in this file are copied to the file used to launch any applications for the store. You can find default.ica on the StoreFront server in the \inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\[StoreName]\App_Data directory.

For a list of available settings see ICA Settings Reference. Some settings apply globaly. You can also add sections that apply to specific apps by adding a section whose name exactly matches the application name as configured in Studio.

Launch applications and desktops in Windowed Mode

To configure an application to launch in Windowed mode, in default.ica, add a section for the application with the settings:

  • TWIMode - set to Off to enable windowed mode.
  • DesiredHRES - optionally the horizontal number of pixels.
  • DesiredVRES - optionally the vertical number of pixels.

For example:


Screenshot of Notpead in windowed mode

Default ica settings