Client Interface Settings

To modify client interface settings from the Edit Receiver for web site screen, select the Client Interface Settings tab.

Screenshot of Session Settings screen

Auto launch desktop

If this setting is enabled and a user only has one desktop, then the desktop is launched when the user signs in.

To use the PowerShell SDK to change auto launch desktop setting call cmdlet Set-STFWebReceiverUserInterface with parameter AutoLaunchDesktop.

Show Desktop Viewer

The Desktop Viewer is the toolbar that provides easy access to HDX preferences. Use this setting to choose whether this is displayed.

Multi-click duration

Prevent users from launching the same application multiple times in the configured duration. This only applies to Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 and not to native Citrix Workspace App.

To use the PowerShell SDK to change the multi-click duration call cmdlet Set-STFWebReceiverUserInterface with parameter MultiClickTimeout.

Enable Receiver/Workspace app configuration

If checked, Citrix Workspace App for HTML5 offers provisioning files that enable users to configure native Citrix Workspace app automatically for the associated store. The provisioning files contain connection details for the store that provides the resources on the site, including details of any Citrix Gateway deployments and beacons configured for the store.

To use the PowerShell SDK to change this option call cmdlet Set-STFWebReceiverUserInterface with parameter ReceiverConfigurationEnabled.

Application and desktops view

When both desktops and applications are available, Citrix Workspace app displays separate desktop and application views by default. Favorites are displayed on the Home view. Users see the Home view first when they log on to the site.

From the Select View drop-down list, select whether to display apps or desktops, or both.

From the Default view drop-down list, select which view is displayed when the user logs in.

Option Description
Auto Display the Home view
Apps Display the apps view
Desktops Display the desktops view

To use the PowerShell SDK to change these options call cmdlet Set-STFWebReceiverUserInterface with parameters ShowAppsView, ShowDesktopsView and DefaultView.

Client Interface Settings