Fixed issues

Workspace Environment Management 2009 contains the following fixed issues compared to Workspace Environment Management 2006:

  • After you upgrade the WEM agent to version 1912, it might take a long time for the agent to process policy-related registry entries. [WEM-7720, CVADHELP-14224]

  • The following error message might appear in the WEM agent log file on a regular basis:

    Exception -> ConfigurationDataSourcesHelper.CheckAgentBrokerServiceClient() : System.ServiceModel.FaultException: There are too many active security negotiations or secure conversations at the service. Please retry later.

    The issue is caused by an incorrect Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) authentication pool size. [WEM-8281, CVADHELP-14467]

  • When you finish importing your Group Policy settings into WEM, the following message might appear even if you are the only administrator that is using the administration console:

    • Configuration Change Update: An administrator has made configuration-related changes. Click OK to reflect the changes in the current administration console. [WEM-9234]
  • Some of the action items you selected in the Restore wizard might be cleared if you click the Previous button to return to the previous pages. The issue occurs when you use the Restore wizard to restore a zip backup of your GPOs converted using the Migrate wizard. [WEM-9281]

Fixed issues

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