Workspace Environment Management

Multi-session Optimization

Multi-session OS machines run multiple sessions from a single machine to deliver applications and desktops to users. A disconnected session remains active and its applications continue to run. The disconnected session can consume resources needed for connected desktops and applications that run on the same machine. These settings let you optimize multi-session OS machines with disconnected sessions for better user experience with connected sessions.


Enable Multi-session Optimization. If enabled, optimizes multi-session OS machines where disconnected sessions are present. By default, this option is disabled. This option improves the user experience of connected sessions by limiting the number of resources disconnected sessions can consume. After a session stays disconnected for one minute, the WEM agent lowers the CPU and the I/O priorities of processes or applications associated with the session. The agent then imposes limits on the amount of memory resources the session can consume. If the user reconnects to the session, WEM restores the priorities and removes the limitations.

Exclude Specified Groups. Lets you specify which groups to exclude from multi-session optimization. Specify at least one group.

Exclude Specified Processes. Lets you specify which processes to exclude from multi-session optimization. Type the name of the process you want to exclude. Specify at least one process.

Multi-session Optimization