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Reset a Personal vDisk

Caution: When you reset the disk, the settings revert to their factory default values and all data on it is deleted, including applications. The profile data is retained unless you modified the Personal vDisk default (of redirecting profiles from the C: drive), or you are not using a third-party profile solution.

To reset, the machine with the Personal vDisk must be running; however, the user does not have to be logged on to it.

This option is available only for Desktop OS machines; it is disabled for Server OS machines.

  1. From the Help Desk view, choose the targeted Desktop OS machine.
  2. From this view or in the Personalization panel of the User Details view, click Reset Personal vDisk.
  3. Click Reset. A message appears warning that the user will be logged off. After the user is logged off (if the user was logged on), the machine restarts.

If the reset is successful, the Personal vDisk status field value in the Personalization panel of the User Details view is Running. If the reset is unsuccessful, a red X to the right of the Running value appears. When you point to this X, information about the failure appears.

Reset a Personal vDisk

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