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Restore sessions

If a session becomes disconnected, it is still active and its applications continue to run, but the user device is no longer communicating with the server.

In the User Details view, troubleshoot session failures in the Session Details panel. You can view the details of the current session, indicated by the session ID.

Action Description
End applications or processes that are not responding Click the Applications tab. Select any application that is not responding and click End Application. Similarly, select any corresponding process that is not responding and click End Process. Also, end processes that are consuming an unusually high amount of memory or CPU resources, which can make the CPU unusable.
Disconnect the Windows session Click Session Control and then select Disconnect. This option is available only for brokered Server OS machines. For non-brokered sessions, the option is disabled.
Log off the user from the session Click Session Control and then select Log Off.

To test the session, the user can attempt to log back onto it. You can also shadow the user to more closely monitor this session.

Note: If user devices are running VDAs earlier than XenDesktop 7, Director cannot display complete information about the session; instead, it displays a message that the information is not available. These messages might appear in the User Details page and Activity Manager.

Restore sessions

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