XenApp and XenDesktop

Framehawk policy settings

The Framehawk section contains policy settings that enable and configure the Framehawk display channel on the server.

Framehawk display channel

When enabled, the server attempts to use the Framehawk display channel for the user’s graphics and input remoting. That display channel will use UDP to provide a better user experience on networks with high loss and latency characteristics; however, it may also use more server resources and bandwidth than other graphics modes.

By default, the Framehawk display channel is disabled.

Framehawk display channel port range

This policy setting specifies the range of UDP port numbers (in the form lowest port number,highest port number) the VDA uses to exchange Framehawk display channel data with the user device. The VDA attempts to use each port, starting with the lowest port number and incrementing for each subsequent attempt. The port handles inbound and outbound traffic.

By default, the port range is 3224,3324.

Framehawk policy settings