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Keep alive policy settings

The Keep Alive section contains policy settings for managing ICA keep-alive messages.

ICA keep alive timeout

This setting specifies the number of seconds between successive ICA keep-alive messages.

By default, the interval between keep-alive messages is 60 seconds.

Specify an interval between 1-3600 seconds in which to send ICA keep-alive messages. Do not configure this setting if your network monitoring software is responsible for closing inactive connections.

ICA keep alives

This setting enables or disables sending ICA keep-alive messages periodically.

By default, keep-alive messages are not sent.

Enabling this setting prevents broken connections from being disconnected. If the server detects no activity, this setting prevents Remote Desktop Services (RDS) from disconnecting the session. The server sends keep-alive messages every few seconds to detect if the session is active. If the session is no longer active, the server marks the session as disconnected.

ICA keep-alive does not work if you are using session reliability. Configure ICA keep-alive only for connections that are not using Session Reliability.

Related policy settings: Session reliability connections.

Keep alive policy settings