Manage Citrix Cloud Government

Citrix Cloud Government includes the following administrative features:

  • Inviting administrators and delegating access to cloud services
  • Connecting Azure Active Directory to Citrix Cloud Government
  • Assigning a primary resource location
  • Assigning users to service offerings in the Library
  • Monitoring service notifications
  • View the system log of events that occurred in Citrix Cloud Government

Identity providers

By default, Citrix Cloud Government uses the Citrix Cloud Government Identity provider to manage the identity information for all users in your Citrix Cloud Government account. You can change this to use Azure Active Directory or your on-premises Active Directory instead.

For more information, see Connect Azure Active Directory to Citrix Cloud Government.

For more information, see Connect Active Directory to Citrix Cloud Government.


Administrators use their identity to access Citrix Cloud Government, perform management activities, and install the Citrix Cloud Connector.

A Citrix identity mechanism provides authentication for administrators using an email address and password. Administrators can also use their My Citrix credentials to sign in to Citrix Cloud Government.

Add new administrators

During the account onboarding process, an initial administrator is created. The administrator can then invite other administrators to join Citrix Cloud Government. These new administrators can use their existing Citrix Cloud Government account credentials or set up a new account if needed. You can also fine-tune the access permissions of the administrators you invite. This allows you to define access that’s aligned with the administrator’s role in your organization.

To invite other administrators and fine-tune their access to Citrix Cloud Government, see Add administrators to a Citrix Cloud Government account.

Change your password

If you want to change your password from within Citrix Cloud Government, go to Account Settings and select My Profile. Click Change Password to enter your current password and confirm your new password.

Remove administrators

You can remove administrators from your Citrix Cloud Government account on the Administrators tab. When you remove an administrator, they can no longer sign in to Citrix Cloud Government. If an administrator is logged in when you remove the account, the administrator will stay active for a maximum of one minute. Afterward, access to Citrix Cloud Government is denied.


  • If there’s only one administrator in the account, you can’t remove that administrator. Citrix Cloud Government requires at least one administrator for each customer account.
  • Cloud Connectors are not linked to administrator accounts. So, Cloud Connectors will continue operating even if you remove the administrator who installed it.


A subscriber’s identity defines the services to which they have access in Citrix Cloud Government. This identity comes from Active Directory domain accounts provided from the domains within the resource location. Assigning a subscriber to a Library offering authorizes the subscriber to access that offering. Administrators can control which domains are used to provide these identities on the Domains tab. If you plan to use domains from multiple forests, install at least two Cloud Connectors in each forest. Citrix recommends at least two Cloud Connectors to maintain a high availability environment.

The process for assigning users to Library offerings is the same for Citrix Cloud Government and commercial Citrix Cloud. For instructions, see Assign users and groups to service offerings using Library.


  • Disabling domains prevents new identities only from being selected. It does not prevent subscribers from using identities that are already allocated.
  • Each Cloud Connector can enumerate and use all the domains from the single forest in which it is installed.

Manage subscriber usage

You can add subscribers to offerings using individual accounts or Active Directory groups. Using Active Directory groups does not require management through Citrix Cloud Government after you assign the group to an offering.

When an administrator removes an individual subscriber or group of subscribers from an offering, those subscribers can no longer access the service. For more information about removing subscribers from specific services, refer to the service’s documentation on the Citrix Product Documentation web site.

Primary resource locations

A primary resource location is a resource location that you designate as “most preferred” for communications between your domain and Citrix Cloud Government. The resource location you select as “primary” should have Cloud Connectors that have the best performance and connectivity to your domain. This enables your users to log on quickly to Citrix Cloud Government.

The process for selecting a primary resource location is the same for Citrix Cloud Government and commercial Citrix Cloud. For more information, see Select a primary resource location.


Notifications provide information about issues or events that might be of interest to administrators, such as new Citrix Cloud Government features or problems with a machine in a resource location. Notifications can come from any service within Citrix Cloud Government.

Managing notifications is the same in Citrix Cloud Government and commercial Citrix Cloud. For more information about notifications, see Notifications.

System Log

The system log displays a timestamped list of events that occurred in Citrix Cloud Government. You can export these changes as a CSV file to meet your organizations’s regulatory compliance requirements or to support security analysis.

System log functions are the same in Citrix Cloud Government and commercial Citrix Cloud, with some important limitations. For more information, see System Log

Manage Citrix Cloud Government