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Assign users and groups to service offerings using Library


For Managed by Citrix Cloud delivery groups, user assignments can now be managed directly in the Web Studio console. For more information, see the DaaS documentation. Previously, the management of these delivery groups was confined to the Library, but now you can use the same management capabilities in the Web Studio console. This feature is now live for all customers. In June 2024, DaaS-specific use cases within Cloud Library will be fully deprecated.

You can assign resources or other items that you configure in a service to your Active Directory users and groups using the Library. Offerings might consist of applications, desktops, data shares, and web apps that you create through a Citrix service. The Library displays all your offerings in a single view.

Library page in Citrix Cloud console

Administrator access

To access Library, administrators must meet the following requirements:

  • Authenticates through the Citrix identity provider or Azure AD.
  • Signs in as an individual administrator, not as a member of an administrator group.
  • Has full access to Citrix Cloud or custom access with the Library role selected.

If you have individual and group administrator accounts in Citrix Cloud, your access to Library might depend on the permissions in force when you sign in with each account. For more information, see Resultant permissions for administrators with Citrix, AD, Azure AD, and Google Cloud identities.

Considerations for using StoreFront with Citrix DaaS

If you are using an on-premises StoreFront with Citrix DaaS, do not use Library to assign resources when creating delivery groups. Instead, use Studio to assign resources to users. If you use Library in this scenario, resources might not be enumerated to users.

When creating a delivery group in Studio, on the Users page, do not select Leave user management to Citrix Cloud. Instead, select a different option (Allow any authenticated users to use this delivery group or Restrict use of this delivery group to the following users).

View offering details

To view applications, desktops, policies, and any other related offering information, click the arrow on the offering card.

Library page with offering details

Add or remove subscribers

To manage users or groups for a single offering, click Manage Subscribers from the offering card’s menu.

Offering tile with Manage Subscribers menu selected

To manage subscribers for multiple offerings, select the check mark on each offering and then click Manage Subscribers.

Library page with offerings selected and Manage Subscribers button highlighted

To add subscribers to the offering, choose a domain and then select the users or groups you want to add.

Manage Subscribers dialog with user search results

To remove a single subscriber, click the trash icon for a user or group. To remove multiple subscribers, select the users or groups and click Remove Selected.

Manage subscribers dialog with selected users and highlighted Remove Selected button and trash can icon

After you add or remove subscribers from an offering, the offering card displays the current number of subscribers.

Filter offerings

By default, the Library displays all offerings. To quickly view offerings for a specific service, select the filter for that service.

Library page with service type menu selected

You can also search for any user or group that is currently subscribed to an offering in the Library. Citrix Cloud displays only the offerings that pertain to the user or group you select. To see all offerings for all users, click the X to clear the filter.

Library page with user search results

Assign users and groups to service offerings using Library