This section provides the FAQs on migrating Citrix ADC VPX to Citrix Gateway service for HDX proxy.

Can I use my on-premises configurations to port into Citrix Cloud?

No, the underlying infrastructure and mechanisms are different. See section on enabling Citrix Gateway service.

Can I upload my portal customizations to Citrix Cloud?

This is not possible today. However, there are few customization options with Citrix Cloud. Refer to the following link: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenapp-and-xendesktop/service/storefront.html

I had enabled Multi-Factor or two factor authentication on-premises using VPX. Can I enable this on cloud too?

The VPX provided with XenApp or XenDesktop service must be used for HDX proxy only (based on EULA) and not for authentication. Authentication on cloud is done using on-premises AD via a cloud connector or using Azure Active Directory.

Can I use SmartControl, SmartAccess using cloud services?

The VPX provided with XenApp and XenDesktop Service must be used for HDX proxy only (based on EULA) and must not be used for any other features.

How can I do a phased migration to Citrix Gateway service?

There is no configuration to support hybrid deployment (on-premises Citrix ADC VPX and Citrix Gateway service). However, it is recommended to do a phased migration by enabling Citrix Gateway service by using a trial account (which comes with limited period) and using that for limited set of users or preview users.

What is the minimum license required for Citrix Gateway service?

Any customer using Citrix XAXD service or Citrix Workspace is entitled to use Citrix Gateway service for HDX Proxy.