Connect Entra ID to Citrix Cloud


If you are integrating Windows 365 with an existing Citrix Cloud tenant to which you already connected Entra ID, you can skip this section and proceed to Configure Citrix Workspace.

The following steps are to be performed in the Citrix DaaS full configuration console:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to and Log in with your Citrix Cloud administrator credentials.

  2. Select Manage in the Citrix DaaS tile. License services

  3. If you are not already in the Full Configuration console, place the cursor over the arrow in the Manage tab to expand the menu and select Full Configuration. Full configuration

  4. Select Quick Deploy. Quick deploy

  5. A Windows 365 node appears. Select Get Started.

  6. Select Go to Identity and Access next to Connect to Azure Active Directory. Azure active go

  7. Select the three dots next to Azure Active directory and select Connect. Connect identity

  8. Confirm your custom administrator sign-in URL if prompted. Confirm identity

  9. Log into Entra ID with a Global administrator account.

  10. Accept the requested permissions. Accept permissions


    Please refer to Default connection between Azure AD and Citrix Cloud for details on the required permissions.

  11. Citrix Cloud is now connected to your Azure Active Directory tenant. Connected status

  12. Proceed to Configure Citrix Workspace.

Connect Entra ID to Citrix Cloud

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