The following FAQs are for Citrix HDX Plus for Windows 365:

How do I install the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) on the Cloud PCs?

Microsoft Intune installs the VDA automatically after the user is assigned a Citrix license.

Which VDA version is installed on the Cloud PCs?

Version 2203 LTSR.

Can I change the VDA version?

Currently, the version of the VDA installed initially cannot be changed. However, you can choose any version when upgrading the VDA afterward.

Can users access Cloud PCs using RDP?

When the VDA is installed on the Cloud PC, only HDX connections are allowed for regular users. Users with administrator privileges in the Cloud PC can connect via RDP.

What happens if I unassign a Citrix license?

Citrix communicates to the Windows 365 service that the license for that user has been unassigned, and Microsoft Intune automatically uninstalls the VDA from the Cloud PC and switches user access to RDP.

What happens if the Citrix connector is disabled in Microsoft Intune?

If the connector is not re-enabled within seven days, Microsoft Intune uninstalls the VDA from all Cloud PCs and Citrix deletes all delivery groups, machine catalogs, and associated policies.