Provision Cloud PCs

Provisioning of Cloud PCs is done in the Microsoft Intune console. Please refer to the Microsoft documentation for details. Once Cloud PCs have been provisioned, your users are ready to Launch Cloud PCs to access the Cloud PCs using Citrix HDX.

Hybrid Azure AD Joined

If you are planning to deploy Cloud PCs that are Hybrid Azure AD joined, you must add Cloud Connectors to your Citrix Cloud environment before you continue with the configuration. This allows your Citrix Cloud tenant to access your Active Directory domain for resource and policy assignments.

You can use either the Windows-based Cloud Connector or the Connector Appliance. Details for configuring these are available in Citrix Cloud Connector and Connector Appliance for Cloud Services.

If you plan to use FAS for SSO into the Cloud PC, consider configuring Azure AD certificate-based authentication to ensure that a Primary Refresh Token (PRT) is generated upon user logon to allow SSO into Azure AD based applications inside the session.


Please note that the resource locations created for Windows 365 are Citrix-managed and cannot be modified in the Citrix Cloud administrator portal. Therefore, to use FAS with hybrid AD joined deployments, you must register the FAS server with the Windows 365 resource locations through the FAS administrator console. Refer to Connect to Citrix Cloud in the FAS documentation for details.

Windows Hello for Business

The use of Windows Hello for Business as a login option in a virtual desktop is not currently supported. Therefore, we strongly recommend disabling the automatic setup prompt to avoid logon issues later.

You disable the automatic setup prompt by creating a configuration profile and applying it to all Cloud PCs. Details for how to create such a configuration profile are available in the Microsoft documentation. We suggest configuring this before provisioning any Cloud PCs to ensure that all provisioned machines have this setting properly configured from the beginning.

Provision Cloud PCs