Connect Windows 365 to Citrix Cloud

The following steps are to be performed in the Citrix Cloud administrative console.

  1. Click on the options menu on the upper left corner, expand My Services, and select DaaS. My services

  2. Place the cursor over the arrow in the Manage tab to expand the menu and select Full Configuration.

  3. Select Quick Deploy on the left side.

  4. Select Connect next to Connect to Windows 365. Connect my services

  5. Log in with the global administrator account and accept the requested permissions. Accept permissions again

  6. Proceed to Assign Citrix licenses to your users.

Entra ID Permissions for HDX Plus for Windows 365

An application called Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (application ID 7e1dd8af-3a41-44f1-9009-89a982753609) is created with the following permissions:

API Name Claim value Permission Type
Microsoft Graph Device.Read.All Read all devices Application
Microsoft Graph Group.Read.All Read all groups Application
Microsoft Graph User.Read.All Read all users’ full profiles Application
Microsoft Graph CloudPC.ReadWrite.All Read and write Cloud PCs Application
Windows 365 CloudPC.PartnerReadWrite.All Partner read and write cloud pc Application


The following are considerations for establishing a connection between Citrix Cloud and Windows 365:

  • The user must be a Global Administrator. Otherwise, the application registration will not complete successfully, and the connection will fail.
  • There must be Windows 365 Enterprise licenses in the Azure tenant. Otherwise, the connection to Windows 365 will fail.
  • If the Entra ID tenant connected to Citrix Cloud differs from the tenant for Windows 365, the connection will fail.
  • Occasionally, a delay in propagating the application permissions in Azure will cause the connection to fail. Retrying the connection to Windows 365 within 15 minutes may solve the problem.
Connect Windows 365 to Citrix Cloud