Resolve application failures

In the Activity Manager view, click the Applications tab. You can view all the applications on all machines to which this user has access, including local and hosted applications for the currently connected machine, and the status of each.


If the Applications tab is grayed out, contact an administrator with the permission to enable the tab.

The list includes only those applications that were launched within the session.

For Multi-session OS machines and Single-session OS machines, applications are listed for each disconnected session. If the user is not connected, no applications are displayed.

Action Description
End the application that is not responding Choose the application that is not responding and click End Application. Once the application is terminated, ask the user to launch it again.
End processes that are not responding If you have the required permission, click the Processes tab. Select a process that is related to the application or using a high amount of CPU resources or memory, and click End Process. However, if you do not have the required permission to terminate the process, attempting to end a process fails.
Restart the user’s machine For Single-session OS machines only, for the selected session, click Restart. Alternatively, from the Machine Details view, use the power controls to restart or shut down the machine. Instruct the user to log on again so that you can recheck the application. For Multi-session OS machines, the restart option is not available. Instead, log off from the user and let the user log on again.
Put the machine into maintenance mode If the machine’s image needs maintenance, such as a patch or other updates, put the machine into maintenance mode. From the Machine Details view, click Details and turn on the maintenance mode option. Escalate to the appropriate administrator.
Resolve application failures

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